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What are Backlinks

We have all heard that backlinks are an important part of website SEO and can increase its ranking, but do you know how backlinks should be done and how effective they are?

In a world where competition is rampant in every field you can think of, you need to be active, not passive. And in the online world, that means you have to be the master and champion of SEO.

Creating and publishing interesting and useful content can be the best step to start, but it is not enough. People need to be able to find your website in the first place in order to consume that interesting and useful content.

So you have to pave the way for them and put proper signs in their path.

In cyberspace it is called “link”, link and link again. After all, a link is practically what drives people to your website from various search engines, sites, and social networks, and that’s exactly why every corner of the internet, from blogs to social media posts, is full of links. Is. The existence of these links brings various advantages and benefits to your website, so in this article we try to introduce you to the concept of “backlinks” and creating backlinks.

Powerful SEO link building strategies

Simply put, a “backlink” is created when one website links to another website. Backlinks are also called inbound links or “incoming” links because they cause people to “enter” your site.

External link is another title of backlink and its name is directing users outside the website where they are present.


Backlinks are one of the most important elements in SEO.


For example, pay attention to the link we have added to the word SEO in the last sentence of the above paragraph. This is an internal link, but if we want to give the same link to another valid website, Google considers this link as a vote of confidence of the website manager for the said site, and the more these links are for a site, Its value is increased with Google.

You should note that “quality” is the first word here and therefore not all links are of equal value. In fact, getting a few quality backlinks from the right sources is better than thousands of backlinks from spammy websites.

How to make high quality backlinks?

In general, a quality backlink has the following characteristics:

The link should be dofollow. be placed among the content of the source site. Anchor text or link text should look completely natural. How to make high quality backlinks?

What site is suitable for getting backlinks?

A website that:

be relevant to the content of the link; Have high credit.

Now let’s briefly explain each of these items:

Appropriateness and relevance of backlinks

The source you get your backlink from is as important as the link itself. In fact, Google has gotten smarter and the days of getting backlinks from irrelevant websites and hoping to rank higher in search results are over.

For example, if you are in the field of web design, an affiliate link is a link you received from a website whose content is related to web design and its infrastructure (e.g. marketing and sales or SEO topics) and not a website. A subject that is something like gardening. Is.


Link relevance is determined by the link text, the content of the text surrounding the link, and other external links on that page.


By using related links, you will not only please Google, but you will also get better and more suitable potential customers due to the compatibility of the content of the two websites providing the link and receiving the link.

Domain Authority

As the competition heats up, it is not enough to just have relevant links, you must have backlinks from highly reputable websites or websites that Google trusts for the value of their content and links.

For example, well-known news sites may have little to do with your business, but if you get backlinks from them, their high credibility can spread to your website.

To evaluate the backlink value of any website, you can check its Domain Authority on the Moz website. Domain Authority is an indicator developed by the famous website Moz, which assigns a score (from 1 to 100) depending on the number and quality of links to each website.

DoFollow and Nofollow links

By default, backlinks are “followed”, which means they are valuable to Google and can affect a website’s ranking. On the other hand, we have “nofollow” links that Google doesn’t value.

Social media backlinks, blog comments and Wikipedia backlinks are all nofollow. In addition, Google requires website owners to disclose their commercial affiliation by adding a nofollow (“rel=”nofollow) tag to sponsored or paid links.

Naturally, since only follow links transfer the value of the source website to the linked website, you should look to get follow back links to improve your website’s SEO. At the same time, having only follow links can look unnatural to search engines. In fact, nofollow links can also indirectly affect your ranking.


For example, a nofollow backlink from a popular website can be a good way to promote your website. In fact, the right nofollow backlinks can be a valuable source of referral traffic.

] Transplant location

Text links are links embedded within an article. The SEO value of these links is much higher than the links in the footer or sidebar of the website, because an interested reader who wants to learn more can easily click on them and consume the same content. This in turn reduces the bounce rate and in the eyes of Google it means your website fits the content.

Anchor text

Anchor text is a clickable word or phrase used to link from one page to another and can include one of the following:

the same keyword; Keyword combined with other text; Website name (text containing brand name); website address; General phrases like “click here”.

Because Anchor text keywords represent the topic of the linked page, they have the potential to have a significant impact on your rankings. Of course, the important thing that you should pay attention to is that it is not correct to overdo it and use one keyword for all Anchor texts. Instead, you should make sure that Google never feels like you are looking for abuse by checking your backlinks.

Website preparation for backlinks

To be successful at building backlinks, you need to start with your website. If your website is slow, not easy to navigate, or has technical issues, it doesn’t create a positive experience for the visitor and you won’t rank well in search results due to Google’s sensitivity to user experience. Keep in mind that even the best backlink building tactics cannot cover poor content and structure of your website.


Considering the following strategies, you can get the best results from your backlink building campaign:

] Speed ​​up your website and fix technical issues

For this purpose:

Since the attention span of Internet users is usually the size of a goldfish and their tolerance and patience for a page to open is less than 5 seconds, make the necessary optimizations with the help of tools such as Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights tool. You can also use Google Webmaster Tools or Google Search Console (Crawl Errors) to report technical issues. Strengthen your site structure

The better the structure or architecture of your website is organized, the better the value of backlinks will be distributed among its different parts. For this purpose, you should use the silo structure instead of the traditional structure.

Basically, Silo is one of the SEO techniques and means grouping related content in an organized and orderly manner. Of course, setting up and implementing a plan in which all content is systematically grouped and linked is not an easy task, but it will have significant benefits for your website’s SEO.A silo structure is a way to divide and divide the main idea or keyword into different parts. Such a structure allows you to go deep into any topic and answer all relevant questions.

Unlike the traditional structure of blogs, where all content is sorted by publication date, Silo has a more logical structure, which makes it easier for Google to index your site and more efficient for you.For example, if you have a sanitary products website, you can divide this main idea into sections for detergents and sanitary napkins, and these groups into subsections such as reviews and tutorial pages. Note that the “reverse silo” method works best when starting backlinks. In this case, you will write a comprehensive article that is quite informative and has a high potential to get links.


This article receives all the backlinks and then distributes the backlink value throughout the website through internal links.

] Invest in Backlinks

Linkables are pages or sets of pages that other websites are interested in linking to. To generate this category of applied capital, you can use comprehensive articles or even tools that seem useful to your target users, for example, a specialized dictionary or a tool for obtaining website analysis.

To get ideas for producing linkable items, you can use the so-called skyscraper method. In this method, you first find the websites that have the best ranking on the search results page for your desired keyword and you put their content under the microscope, then you try to produce better, more comprehensive and more specific content. Outrun them.

Backlink Strategies

Building backlinks takes time and it takes much longer to see results. Therefore, instead of wasting time on actions that rarely affect the ranking of the site, you should go for tactics that will bear fruit sooner.

Moz has done research on the most effective backlink strategies, which while not 100% reliable, will be useful to know about the results.

Remember that variety is one of the keys to success in backlink building. So don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If the source of all your backlinks is the same, Google will be suspicious.

Powerful SEO link building strategies.

In this section, we mention the best and most effective backlink building tactics:

Guest Postsing

Guest Post on other blogs is still a very effective tactic. Of course, in 2014, Google announced that the glory days of guest blogging were over, but that only applies to low-quality posts. That is, the same content that anonymous authors publish by paying a fee to the blog owner and only for the purpose of including their backlink, or their goal is only to improve SEO and that’s it.


Publishing such posts is a clear violation of Google’s quality rules, which prohibits the buying and selling of backlinks.


One of the best benefits of guest posting is that you get the benefits of backlinks as soon as you publish them. In addition, unlike advertising, which is actually a pressure on people to buy various products and services, guest blogging is an inbound marketing strategy that uses content that is targeted to the target audience in line with marketing and sales goals. ; So when the content leaves its mark and the audience clicks on your backlink, the probability of buying the product or at least joining your email marketing list will be much higher.

But what should be done to start blogging as a writer and achieve the desired results? For this purpose, pay attention to the following points:

Search Google to find blogs in your field that accept guest post writers. Preferably look for websites that have a Domain Authority of over 30 and allow embedding of links with embedded text in the content. Pay attention to the number of times it is shared on social networks and the number of comments from users of the website in question. If there is a site that has active readers and many followers on social networks, but its links are nofollowed, do not neglect to write for it. Because even if its backlinks have no SEO value, at least you will make yourself and your website more famous. Convince the website owner by presenting your portfolio, content structure and proof of your ability and seriousness in a concise and useful text. Digital Public Relations (PR)

Digital PR and guest blogging overlap in many ways, but while blogging focuses more on getting backlinks, digital PR differs in two ways:

Public relations seeks to build relationships and create deep and long-term bonds. This means that you should try to establish a closer relationship with the other party. For example, you can interact with him and the content he publishes on various social networks and leave comments for him. PR seeks to increase brand awareness and then create backlinks. The goal of digital PR is to get your message in front of more people, and regardless of whether the links are followed or unfollowed, the long-term benefits of that link are more important. For example, links to a very popular and reputable Forbes website may be nofollow, but the popularity and credibility you can gain by posting there can eventually lead to natural backlinks. To use digital PR to build backlinks, follow these steps: Define your goal exactly; For example, increasing awareness of a new product or increasing email subscribers. Find a newsworthy angle on your target. What does your company or product have in store that will entice journalists to focus on your story? Don’t just explain your purpose, but create a compelling story. Create one or more videos, infographics or articles about the formation of your idea. Build a closer relationship with reporters before advertising. Prepare an attractive introduction; Make sure that your introduction matches the other party’s field of activity.

If your request is rejected, get feedback and seek to improve your methods. In any case, don’t stop cultivating relationships, because each relationship can lead to more relationships that can pave the way for your next actions.

Link Insertion

Reference or resource page (resource page) are archive-like pages that contain information, content, and useful links related to the website’s context. Such pages can be a great source of links for three reasons:

These pages are topical and can bring relevant and relevant audiences to your website.Some referral pages explicitly ask visitors to submit their own referral links. Therefore, it is not necessary to look for complicated or dubious methods to get backlinks. These pages require links and all that needs to be done is to prove your website’s worth to be listed on them.Backlinks are placed among the data content.

To succeed in using this method, you need to know which of the reference pages can have your time and attention. Here you can also look for more Page Authority points and make your request with a brief and useful message and by establishing a relationship and proving yourself.

Using your brand name on websites that are not linked to you

This strategy is mostly used for websites that have a place and position and their name is somewhat in their field of activity. In this case, you will go to websites that have mentioned your website or brand name in their articles, but have not linked to you. You are not starting from scratch and are only reviving a link that belongs to you.

To find such items, you can use the following: ]

“The desired brand” – the address of the website or its websites – the address of social networks or the address of other desired websites


By searching the above term in Google and using the minus sign, you exclude the address of your website or websites and social networks from the name or brand name in question. Additionally, you can set up Google Alerts to notify you via email on a daily or weekly basis when your brand name is mentioned on other sites.

Only valid websites that have been empty of content, have high Domain Authority and make users follow them a lot.

Infographics is one of the Best Link Building Strategy

Infographics have the potential to turn the most boring information into something eye-catching. However, the fact that 90% of information enters our brains in the form of images shows that we naturally associate graphic images with text. Additionally, infographics are more likely to be liked and shared than other types of content.

Link building by fixing broken links

With the growth of the Internet and the changes and developments of websites, the number of broken links increases. Broken links are never good for SEO and affect user experience.

By helping to fix broken links, link building depends on the tools and the need for webmasters to correct the performance of all the links on their website and has at least three steps:

Checking and finding broken links; One of the uses of Google Chrome called Check My Links can be useful in this field. This plugin checks all the links on the comment page and marks broken links in red. Find or manufacture that has the potential to fill the void of the broken link. Calling and persuading.

This creates a win-win situation, as you both help fix other people’s broken links and you get backlinks at no cost.

Inserting backlinks in local and specialized Directories

Backlinks can be obtained in the specialized and local online section and expose your work to customers. But before registering and adding your website address to the list of these organizations, you need to pay a fee. So, first use similarweb to determine the amount of monthly traffic and the source of the item listing visitors.

Always remember that content is the most important parameter when looking for quality websites.

They have a page for your business, but it’s empty. Your competitors are present in them. They rank higher in mobile searches. They rank higher for your main keywords. Backlink Strategies

The backlink building tactics discussed in this section are either riskier or less effective than the strategies above. However, as long as you don’t go astray in implementing these strategies and use the right methods, you can use them to diversify your backlink sources. However, as mentioned earlier, backlinks from different sources always look more natural and reduce the chance of getting penalized by Google.

Buy paid links

There are not a few blogs that are willing to put your backlink in their sidebar to a certain extent, but although it is easy to get backlinks this way, it is better not to go for this method for three reasons:

High risk: Backlinks are divided into three categories based on the type of receipt: white hat (correct method and no possibility of penalty); Gray Hat (slightly dangerous); and Black Hat (high risk and clear violation of Google guidelines). Paid links are a full-featured example of what Google defines as a manipulative link scheme, and therefore fall somewhere between black hat and gray hat methods. High cost without guarantee of effect: The cost of backlinks in popular blogs is very high and despite the cost you spend, there is no guarantee of results. Inconsistency and unnaturalness of backlinks: Naturally, someone who gets paid by you and puts your backlink on his blog will do the same for others. As a result, your site may be among the suspicious links that Google does not have a positive opinion about. So, even though your website is legitimate, you may be penalized for having nearby websites. Sponcered Post

The reputation and value of Sponcered Post is gradually declining, but the reason is not that ad reporting is inherently a bad thing, but because of marketers overdoing it and spamming the cyberspace with low-quality content and links.

However, this method can still help your website grow to some extent. So if you’re looking to use a promotional report, first make sure you have something valuable to share (like a unique web tool or a specific product) and then move on to content creation. If you have no experience in writing an advertisement report, it is better to leave this work to writers who are familiar with the style and style of this type of content.

Social bookmarking

The quality and quantity of referral traffic that posting links on websites like Reddit, Digg, and StumbleUpon attracts is not what it used to be. In fact, if you only use this method, your website’s bounce rate will only increase. However, social bookmarking won’t hurt you if it’s not spam, but for best results, only use sites that are relevant to your target audience. For example, it’s best to post a link to a cooking or clothing blog on an image-based platform like Pinterest.

Links in public directories

Public link directories collect links from different websites and categorize them. The problem with these public directories is that most of them are created only for the purpose of creating backlinks and practically have no special use for users. In addition, Google is more strict about these websites.

Link Building Tips and Techniques

As in order to be successful in any activity, you must refrain from certain actions and implement certain tips, in planning for backlinking, you must also pay attention to the dos and don’ts, which we mention five of them here. The most important.

You should have a variety of backlinks

In one of the studies conducted by analyzing one million results from Google searches in 2016, it was concluded that only getting backlinks from a specific source cannot have the best possible effect; Therefore, you should use various sources and methods. Of course, it is worth emphasizing this important point that not every link can grow your website, but you should go to reliable and popular sources and stay away from spam sites.

You must use the law of action and reaction

According to the law of action and reaction, if you do something good to someone, he will reciprocate your kindness. This rule will help you a lot in the way of getting high-quality and valuable natural backlinks. For example, consider articles that use quotes and opinions from different experts. Such articles have a good potential to get backlinks from the same experts, because the author of the article, relying on those statements and opinions, confirmed the credibility of those people and as a result, aroused the desire to compensate in them.You should not put your website at risk by using PBNs

PBNs (Private Blog Networks) are actually a collection of blogs that are created with the goal of backlinking to a target website. The thing about PBN is that not everyone agrees on how effective it is: for some it is very effective and for others the risk involved is not worth the disaster it can cause.

However, it should be noted that implementing this method is not an easy task and it requires a lot of time, money and effort to do it properly, because you will need a different domain, host, content, template and plugins to set up a PBN. Give backlinks from these fake sites to your real target site. In fact, you should try and spend as much as you can so that these blogs are not similar to each other, lest your PBN be recognized by Google.

Despite all these efforts, this method is still a gray hat method at best, and therefore it is better to spend your limited resources on white hat backlink building methods. Remember that the cleverness of Google’s AI is growing day by day and it won’t be long before even the most sophisticated and professional PBNs are caught.

You should monitor backlinks to avoid negative SEO

Negative SEO refers to a group of unscrupulous methods that aim to lower the position of competitors’ websites from the top of Google search results. Even if your high character prevents you from resorting to such wrong methods, it is not unlikely that your competitors will still use them at every opportunity to attack your business.

Usually, when you notice that several low-quality websites have started backlinking to your website at the same time, that is when you are under attack by competitors. These unnatural backlinks often belong to link farms (groups of websites that link to each other as a group) or groups of related websites that contain spammy content.

In this method, articles full of keywords or anchor texts that contain exactly the desired keyword are used so that Google is deceived and accepts that you yourself are looking to manipulate your rank.

In addition to using link farm websites, copying content or even website hacking is also one of the methods that black hat backlink builders do not hesitate to do; Therefore, in order to prevent your efforts from going down the drain, you should always monitor your website’s backlinks and look for suspicious backlinks.

You should invest and focus on promising backlinks

Backlinks obtained naturally or through white hat methods are always more effective. In fact, if you are looking for long-term activity and a promising business, you should focus on backlinks that even Google’s growing artificial intelligence can never find anything suspicious about. Also, keep in mind that Google is moving towards a future where mentioning without links and not just backlinks will be one of the signs of the credibility and value of the site. Of course, backlinks will still maintain their position as one of the important factors in the ranking of sites, but the use of brand promotion methods through off-page SEO or external SEO (social networks, online comments and reviews, services (customer and … like) backlink supplement can further improve your business.


Backlinks are one of Google’s indicators for ranking websites in search results. Therefore, if you are looking to grow and develop your business, you cannot and should not neglect attracting backlinks.

At the same time, the thing to note about backlinks is that although using less-than-correct methods can seem successful in the short term, the moon will never be behind the clouds for AI growth. It took the search engines. So, to be successful in the backlink process, pay attention to the content and tips mentioned in this article and remember that quality always comes before quantity.

What is best link building strategy?

Guest blogging is one of the most popular link building strategies. It’s all about creating quality content people want to link back to.

How do backlinks help SEO?

Backlinks are important for SEO because they signal to Google that another resource finds your content valuable enough to link to it within their own content. As a website earns additional backlinks, search engines infer that the website possesses valuable content worth ranking well on the SERPs.

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