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SEO marketing is the process of optimizing a website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This can be done by a variety of methods, including:

Keyword research: This is the process of finding out which keywords people are using to search for information related to your website. Once you know the keywords that are relevant to your target audience, you can use them in your website’s content, title tags, and meta descriptions. On-page optimization: This is the process of making sure your website’s content is relevant, informative, and well-organized. You should also use keywords in your website’s header tags, image alt tags, and anchor text. Link building: This is the process of getting other websites to link to yours. Backlinks can help search engines understand that your website is authoritative and trustworthy. Technical SEO: This is the process of ensuring that your website is technically sound and that it can be crawled and indexed by search engines.